Fix Your Damaged Chimney Immediately

Plan a chimney repair service in Colbert, GA or Madison County

When you need professional chimney repair services, look no further than First Due Chimney, LLC. After completing your inspection, we'll tackle structural damage head-on. Once we're finished, you'll have a fully functional chimney that's ready to use.

Contact our team now to set up your chimney repair service in the Colbert, GA or Madison County area.

Don't ignore the signs of a damaged chimney cap

Have you noticed holes around your netting or structural damage on your chimney crown? Have you spotted water in your fireplace after it's rained? Maybe you feel a significant temperature difference near your fireplace, even when it's turned off. If so, then it's time to schedule a chimney cover cap repair. We'll assess the condition of your cap, then complete your repair quickly and efficiently. If your chimney cap is damaged beyond repair, we'll replace it.

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